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Are you looking for your dream gown?  But not ready to commit to a gown because of the big down payment?  That's a real let down, especially if you find "the one"...

Now you can get your dress with a minimal down payment!  Walk out the door with a stock dress or order it and when it comes in, it's yours!   "How can I do that?", you ask.  Well, let me tell you! 

Main Street Bridal now offers FINANCING!!!!  It's about a 10-minute process to fill out the application and in a few minutes, you will get an email either accepting or denying your application.  The lending company will set up your payments for 12 months and you can pay it off any time you want to ahead of time.   After your first initial payment at MAIN STREET BRIDAL, you will make the rest of your payments to I Do Lending (catchy name for a bridal lending institution). 

You can use this financing for just about gown, accessories; moms' dresses; bridesmaids' dresses. 

Financing your dress makes sense in your budgeting process.  An even payment every month for 12 months or less! 

We'd love to help you get the gown you've been dreaming of...


Two weeks ago, I was getting ready for my semi-annual buying trip and this time my friend (who owns another bridal shop) and I decided to go to Dallas Market.  We found so much we wanted to buy!  But, unfortunately, you just can't buy it all! 

We started out by hitting one of our favorite that sells beaded goods by the yard, jewelry, rhinestone appliques to add a little bling to a gown and veils.  We were so glad to see her in Dallas! 

We were whisked off on our first full day to Watters & Watters, which is about 15 minutes from the Market Center.  They had a great style show for WTOO and Willowby and then it was back to the Market!  There are sooo many beautiful gowns out there that it is hard to chose (and keep within the budget).  Lace is still #1 in gowns...tulle is #2.  We did see that beaded gowns are working their way in again and also a few satin gowns.  Chiffon is still tops in bridesmaids' dresses, some with beading and some with lace.  The fully sequined gowns (which I have and LOVE) are becoming more popular, too. 

I ended up adding a couple new lines, which I am anxiously awaiting.  One is a plus-size bridal line and the other is another mother's line.  What's nice about this new mother's line is that they carry pant suits.  I constantly get asked for pant suits and these are top notch.  They also have full length all-lace gowns which are GORGEOUS!  

We did get to have a little fun, though, one day.  We rented a car and went to Waco, home of our favorite HGTV hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, from Fixer Upper.  We visited their shop, Magnolia's Market and then found "The Silos" where they will be moving their Market later this month.  Of course, we dropped a little cash there.   And we had a great lunch in Waco, too.  Then back to time was over!  Not that market isn't fun.  It is.  Just a different kind of fun. 

So I think Cherie and I are going to venture to Atlanta in the Spring for market.  We've both been there before, but Chicago will be nuts as market is St. Patrick's weekend.