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How many of you can say you love your job? Probably quite a few, but some....maybe not so much.   But I consider myself very fortunate in that I LOVE what I do!  And why is that, you ask?  Well, let me tell you why....

First of all, it's the people who come here.  I LOVE helping my brides find the gown they've been dreaming about since they were little girls.  It is so gratifying to know that I had a small part in helping each bride with one of the biggest choices she will make for her wedding (other than the groom, of course)!  And with these beautiful brides comes their moms, and mother-in-laws-to-be and bridesmaids.  And then we get to meet the groom for tuxedos!  The guys are always a fun bunch, too! 

Another reason I love my job is because I can offer my customers exceptional customer service.  I do the best I can to answer your questions, and if I don't know the answer, I can certainly find out for you. 

And, definitely no quotas or commissions here, so we're not pushy either!   While I love to see a bride find her gown on her first trip in, sometimes it's just not in the cards for her to decide that quickly.  And that is definitely OK.  Yes, you can sleep on it.  Yes, you can take pictures of it.   Yes, you can come in again and try on your favorites...and any new gowns that come in, too!  It's all about YOU, not me! 

And I love being able to offer perks to our brides:  If you buy a full-price bridal gown, virtually everything in the store (excluding tuxedos) is at a 10% discount....that includes bridesmaids' dresses, moms' dresses, flower girls' dresses, SPANX, veils, headpieces, jewelry, etc.  It also comes with a FREE breathable bridal bag and we will steam it for you prior to pick up.  You may store your gown here until the day of your wedding if you want...and it's FREE storage!  If you are on a limited budget, we do have a sale room with many great buys...they are beautiful gowns, just discontinued by the manufacturer.  Since they are at a discount, we do charge to steam or clean spots.  But you get the same deal for storage! 

I LOVE being able to offer you alterations.  You don't have to go finding an alterations person when you buy here either.  I have the best seamstress around and she is very flexible as far as times for meeting up with my brides.  We've been friends since junior high school and she was actually MY maid of honor.  So we've been friends for many years and we work so well together. 

Oh, and one more thing I love about my job...and that's going to Market.  I get to go and see some of the most beautiful gowns and try to decide which gowns will offer my brides the most for the money they invest in them.  I meet designers, reps, CEOs of large bridal houses, and other shop owners to network with.  It's a hard couple of days, but I love it. 

I've just hit the high points...there's many other reasons why I love it, but I've gone on long enough!  If you're interested in coming to see what we have to offer, just call or email me.  I'd love for you to be a Main Street Bride!


Are you looking for your dream gown?  But not ready to commit to a gown because of the big down payment?  That's a real let down, especially if you find "the one"...

Now you can get your dress with a minimal down payment!  Walk out the door with a stock dress or order it and when it comes in, it's yours!   "How can I do that?", you ask.  Well, let me tell you! 

Main Street Bridal now offers FINANCING!!!!  It's about a 10-minute process to fill out the application and in a few minutes, you will get an email either accepting or denying your application.  The lending company will set up your payments for 12 months and you can pay it off any time you want to ahead of time.   After your first initial payment at MAIN STREET BRIDAL, you will make the rest of your payments to I Do Lending (catchy name for a bridal lending institution). 

You can use this financing for just about gown, accessories; moms' dresses; bridesmaids' dresses. 

Financing your dress makes sense in your budgeting process.  An even payment every month for 12 months or less! 

We'd love to help you get the gown you've been dreaming of...


October is TRUNK SHOW MONTH at Main Street Bridal.  And, we've got quite a line-up for our future brides and their bridal parties! 

You ask, "What is a trunk show?"  Independent boutiques, like Main Street Bridal, pick up 4-8 styles from each manufacturer's newest collections each buying season.  But the collection contains many more than what the boutique picked out....and during a trunk show, the entire latest collection is in the shop for the weekend only.  And then they are sent back.  Trunk shows are perfect for brides who LOVE a certain designer...a perfect way to see the entire collection! 

Main Street Bridal will be offering a ten percent discount for any gown purchased during the specified trunk show.  And, that also is true during the BelAire Bridal trunk show, which is veils, jewelry, headpieces and sashes!  You need to be prepared to purchase in case you find "the dress".  But don't feel like you have to buy in case you aren't 100% sure that it's the one!

We prefer appointments during trunk shows so we can focus on just one beautiful bride at a time.  You can set yours up by calling us at 217-854-8824 or emailing us at

Below is a list of our trunk shows....along with a description of what you will see! 

OCTOBER 2-4 - LOVE MARLEY BRIDAL.  It's easy to fall in love with the laid-back elegance of Love Marley.  Whether you're looking for Boho, vintage, soft and sultry or Napa Valley chic, Love Marley is the perfect fit.  So right for beach weddings, garden ceremonies or modern weddings.  Designer bridal gowns by Watters.

OCTOBER 2-20 - BEL AIRE BRIDAL.  From glittering tiaras to romantic combs, trendy bandeaus to sparkling hair sticks, Bel Aire Bridal has the look for you! Bridal veils range from simple ribbon edges to delicate beaded designs to extensively embroidered masterpieces. We also offer a wide range of jewelry and belts. Our diverse line offers many exciting options to suit your personal taste.

OCTOBER 8-11 - JADE BY JASMINE MOTHER'S DRESSES.  Jade by Jasmine is Jasmine Bridal's original mother of the bride line, and is a favorite among special occasion boutiques worldwide. Jade mother of the bride dresses are simple yet fashionable. Combining modern elements and traditional design, Jade by Jasmine's designers create looks that are figure flattering and eye-catching for sophisticated women.

OCTOBER 10-11 - STELLA YORK BRIDAL.  Glamorous. Sexy. Extravagant. Stella York wedding dresses are more than just a designer label. It's an indelible mind-set - with each creation a perfect complement to a bride's attitude, style and spirit.  Dressed in spectacular beading, glamorous laces and enchanting fabrics, the Stella York bride is assured to be the center of elegance and attention.

OCTOBER 10-11 - SORELLA VITA BRIDESMAIDS.  Few relationships are as meaningful or unbreakable as that between a bride and her bridesmaids. It is a bond formed out of love and respect, a friendship destined to last forever. Together they are sorella vita - " sisters for life". Featuring well-crafted details that are modern and eye-catching, colors that are rich and bold, and fabrics that are posh and glamorous, the dresses of the Sorella Vita collection bring confidence and style to each bridesmaid and every wedding day.

OCTOBER 23-25 - ALLURE BRIDAL HIGHLIGHTS.  The gowns in Allure's Highlights are quite simply...the best of the best...the best of the Romance Collection, the Bridal Collection, the Couture Collection and the Women's Collection.  Allure Bridals is all about the details -- beading, floral appliques, dramatic backs, and perfect draping.  Each gown features details to set it apart and make the bride shine.