Aug 24, 2020

You’re engaged! How exciting for you and your fiance! This is the day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl…shopping for your wedding dress! There’s so many things to think of, your head is spinning. But if you follow along with our top ten tips, it will make your experience much less stressful and a much happier experience.

1. Schedule an Appointment. It’s always best to schedule an appointment. It’s time reserved just for you and your party to find the perfect wedding gown. It will give you time to look through our racks and try on your favorites while narrowing down your choices to “the one”.

2. Limit your Guests. It’s always a good idea to limit the number of people you bring with you to just a couple of people whose opinions you value the most. Why? Because the bride wants everyone to love her gown. And in most instances you just can’t please everyone in a crowd, which makes a bride doubt her choice and oftentimes say “yes” to a dress she isn’t in love with. And we want our bride to LOVE her gown!

3. Know your Budget. It’s best to have a figure in mind for your gown when you go for your appointment. It will help your consultant stay within your limitations. There’s nothing worse than a girl falling in love with her perfect gown only to find it’s outside her budget. Our goal is to help you find the perfect gown for the price you want to spend.

4. Do your Research. It always helps to have an idea of what you like. A-line or mermaid? Beading or lace? Traditional or boho? Websites and Pinterest are great places to browse and find your style and save them to your phone. While the shop may not have the exact dress, they may have something similar and you may end up liking it better! However, don’t be surprised if your style totally changes once you start your in-store search. This happens quite often! But it makes for a great starting place.

5. Bring your Accessories. While most salons will have slips for you to use while trying on, you will want to bring a nude bra, any shaper you might want to wear, and underwear. For sanitary reasons, we request that you wear full-coverage underwear. It would also be helpful if you would bring shoes with the heel height you will be wearing at your wedding.

6. Forget about Sizing. Unfortunately, you will always wear a bigger size in bridal than you do in street clothes. It’s just a number, so don’t get worked up about the size you take. You will usually wear one to two sizes bigger in bridal. Why is this? The manufacturers have their own size charts made up and we have to go by their numbers to get you the closest fit. But remember, these gowns are not made to your measurements and you will most likely have to have it tweaked in alterations.

7. Photos. Some shops allow them and some don’t. We allow photos of the ones you love. There’s absolutely no sense in spending the time of taking pictures if it’s not a dress you don’t love and can’t see yourself walking down the aisle in. And then you spend a lot of your appointment time on something unproductive when you could spend more time in a dress you love. So keep your photos to a minimum It’s a lot less confusing, too!

8. Come Ready to Commit. You’ll just know it’s the right one! It’s true sometimes. And then there’s other girls who have three gowns they absolutely love and have to whittle it down to the “one”. But it should be the gown YOU feel the best in. Don’t let mom’s tears influence your decision if you feel it’s not the right gown for you. If it is the dress of your dreams, don’t think you have to think about it. Go with your instincts, go with your gut. Go for it! Say “YES”, get measured and get it ordered!

9. Be Considerate. While we want you to have the best time ever, there are a few rules, though. We request no children under 12. They tend to get bored and some run wild through our expensive gowns and hide in our racks. Also, we don’t condone cursing. At this time, we have to ask our guests to wear masks and limit their guests to 2. Also, if you should happen to shop before your appointment and find your gown elsewhere, please cancel your appointment. While we would have loved to had the chance to have you find your gown here, we are happy that you found the gown you love for your special day.

10. Have Fun! It’s your time to relax, try on some beautiful gowns and have some fun! It shouldn’t be stressful and shouldn’t cause you any anxiety. Don’t allow any store to pressure you into buying a gown. Just enjoy the time with your guests and with us. And let’s hope you find the perfect one!