The Benefits of Shopping Early During Covid

Aug 17, 2021

We often find plenty of brides don’t believe how long it actually takes for a wedding dress to arrive once you order it. Even in normal circumstances, it typically takes anywhere from 4-8 months for your gown to arrive, as materials need to be sourced, the gown needs to be sewn, and once it arrives you’ll likely still need alterations for the dress to fit properly. 


With supply chain disruptions due to the ongoing pandemic, wedding dresses have been taking even longer to arrive—sometimes even arriving too late, which is a bride’s worst nightmare. We strongly recommend starting the process of wedding dress shopping as early as you possibly can. You’d rather have too much time than not enough—worst case when shopping too early, your dress spends a few weeks at your house post alterations, whereas worst case otherwise, your dress comes in with no time for alterations, or even comes in after the wedding date. 

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