Tuxedo Colors We Love

When planning your wedding, it’s easy to get so busy finding your own dress and gowns for your bridesmaids that you forget about the men in your bridal party. Finding the right tuxedo color for the groomsmen is key: they’ll need to complement the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly and give a base note color you can use in your decor. While there’s always classic black, here’s a few tuxedo color options we love: 



If you love the look of a classic black tuxedo but want something a bit brighter or unique for your wedding, the navy tuxedo is exactly what you’re looking for. While still a darker colored tux, navy adds a subtle pop of color without looking too different. We especially love this color for spring weddings, adding a brighter tone perfect for the season and complementing bright colors beautifully. 



Looking for something light and modern? The grey tuxedo is perfect for contemporary weddings, giving you an updated look while keeping things neutral, light, and fresh. A perfect cool tone for winter weddings, the grey tux looks incredible with darker bridesmaid dresses, popping beautifully against emerald green or burgundy. If you want something chic and modern, grey is it. 



Love the lighter tone of a grey tuxedo, but want something a bit warmer? Khaki does just that: adding a laid-back, warm tone to the wedding, khaki tuxedos look amazing with a range of colors and create an effortless look we love. The laid-back tone of khaki looks incredible at any wedding, but we especially love it for beach weddings and boho brides, matching the look and tone perfectly. 



Sometimes, you just can’t beat classic black! A timeless look that suits any season, style, and color, this is a fail-safe choice you’ll always be happy with. This is also a choice the groom’s sure to be happy with—if your partner is hesitant to wear something trendy, sticking with black is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Looking for the perfect tuxedos to match your wedding? Visit Main Street Bridal and find the perfect tuxedos for your wedding. We can help you find the perfect color to suit your style and make your wedding pop!